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Beetroots stain your hands, knife, cutting board and where ever you  drop them. I find the beets in US are more juicier  that I end up with a pink kitchen.Ha Ha. My first grade daughter , an avid lover of pink color loves this veggie, not just for its color but also for the sweet taste of it. I was cooking the beets till I attended the Isha Yoga  class. After attending Isha, I learnt this healthier way of consuming beets. In that class we had a full meal on the final day of our programme which had only uncooked recipes. All the cooking they did was the tadka/talimpu/thallipu.  I came to know a variety of salads made of solely positve pranic foods (energy giving foods). I learnt the fact the more closer we are to the nature, the more healthier and happier we are. See here for another variety of salad

Beetroot salad


Beetroot- 1 number

Cucumber- 1/2

Iceberg lettuce- 1/4

Roasted peanuts-  1 fistful

Lime juice- as needed

Cilantro for garnishing

For tadka

Mustard seeds, cumin seeds- 1 tsp each

Curry leaves- 6-7 number

Tadka: Heat 1 tsp oil in a small pan,  sputter mustard and cumin seeds.  Add curry leaves and turn off the heat.

Grate the beetroot ,cucumber. Finely chop the lettuce. Add all the veggies in a bowl, add salt and lime juice, mix well , let it stand for a while. Using the hands, squeeze out all the juice  into another container. Now add chopped cilantro, roasted peanuts and tadka. 

 Cocktail: To the squeezed juice, add the juice extracted from 1 lime. See the salt level and adjust to taste.


My lunch- Chapathi, beet salad and beet root cocktail

My lunch – Roti , Beet salad and Beet root cocktail

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More memories…

Just like the rain on a sunny day leaves a sweet smell of the earth behind, my journey to India had left many memories to ponder upon. I had many things to part with , including my hand works which I could not carry along. Yet, I clicked them away to remember and show case  in my blog. Here is the first set of my memories.

Soap carving

Soap carving

First roses to my husband..

Anchor stitch kit- First roses I  gave to my husband.

Pillayar made of M-seal

M-seal pillaiyar

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