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I need to confess something. I made a  mistake. Tindora is my daughter’s  favourite but not a frequent dish in our home. So soon after our visit to Devon market, we celebrate a feast with Indian  veggies. It was the same this time too. But yrrrrr, I added too much of chilli powder in  the tindora stir fry.  It turned out to be unusually hot and I did not want to utter a word about this to my most anxious daughter. I did not want to use yogurt or tamarind to nuetralize the heat, so, I  took refuge in the chubby tomatoes sitting in the refrigerator. The chubby tomato helped me in time, adding tanginess and lots of flavor to the dish. It was so good that  I decided to make this my regular way of doing tindora stir fry  here after.


Tindora Tomato stir fry


Tindora – 1 pound

Medium tomato- 1 number

Salt to taste

Red chilli powder to taste

Turmeric powder

Oil  -2 tbsp


Cut the tindora longitudinally into thin strips and  chop the tomatoes in a similar fashion. Cook the tindora in little water with salt and turmeric powder in a pressure cooker till you hear the first whistle. Drain if any excess water. (I have seen my friends, generally  frying the tindora and allow it to cook for a long time. I personally feel this takes time and makes the curry very dry.)  Now, add the fresh tomato strips and chilli powder to the drained tindora and mix in a big bowl.

Heat oil in a big pan .When the oil is steaming hot, throw in the veggies and simmer the heat. Stir often and continue to cook till all the oil start oozing out.

Relish the stir fry with sambhar rice or simply mix with plain rice and enjoy.

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